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 funny funny har har

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Amy Barrett

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PostSubject: funny funny har har   Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:59 pm

is it rude to laugh really loud in your office ? Laughing

> A woman goes into a pet shop looking for a parrot. The assistant shows
> her a beautiful African Grey parrot.
> "What about this one, Madam? A beautiful bird, and it's an absolute
> steal at only $20."
> "Why is it that cheap?" the woman asks.
> "Well", replies the assistant, "it used to live in a brothel and as a
> result its language is a touch fruity".
> "Oh, I don't mind that", said the woman, making her mind up, "I'm
> broad minded and it'll be a laugh having a profane parrot". So
> saying, she buys the parrot and takes him home.
> Once safely in his new home, the parrot looks around and squawks at
> the woman. "F*ck me, a new brothel and a new madam".
> "I'm not a madam and this is not a brothel" scolds the woman trying
> not to laugh.
> A little later the woman's two teenage daughters arrive home.
> "Un f*cking-believable. A new brothel, a new madam, and now two new
> prostitutes" says the parrot when he sees the daughters. "Mum, tell
> your parrot to shut up, we're not prostitutes" complain the girls, but
> they all see the funny side and have a laugh at their new pet.
> A short while later, the womans husband Dave comes home.
> "In f*cking-credible, a new brothel, a new madam, new prostitutes, but
> the same old clients ..... How ya doin', Dave?"

(on pregnancy tests) "What if the whole person is a false negative? Can that throw the test off?" - Munter
~Outrageous Fortune~
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PostSubject: Re: funny funny har har   Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:33 pm

dave used to be one of my clients... un f*cking believable.
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funny funny har har
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