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 The Veils - Nux Vomica

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PostSubject: The Veils - Nux Vomica   The Veils - Nux Vomica Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 8:25 pm

So i got the "Outrageous Fortune" Soundtrack
really really awesome

But theres a band on there called "The Veils" doing a song "Jesus for the Jugular" (my personal fave)

and quite frankly im totally stunned at their awesomeness (yes thats a word)

A hybrid cross between The white stripes and The mars volta with hints of led zepplin and deep purple and the vocal crossover of David Bowie with the wailing of mick jagger.
Id highly recommend them to anyone that enjoys this kind of music.

simply stunning

Favorite Outrageous Fortune Quote
Munter: Van, I want my forty one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars!
Van: Oh look who went and got a calculator
Munter: Yeah I did. Used it to work out what 50/50 means.
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The Veils - Nux Vomica
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