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Place for us all to hang out and avoid doing the various things im SURE we should all be off doing
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 Wanna Hear a Joke?? Pt 2

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PostSubject: Wanna Hear a Joke?? Pt 2   Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:39 pm

A man appeared before St. Peter at the pearly gates. "Have you ever done anything of particular merit?" St. Peter asked. "Well, I can think of one thing," the man offered. "once, on a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota , I came upon a gang of bikers who were there attacking a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn't listen. So I approached the largest and most heavily tattooed biker and smacked him in his face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring and threw it on the ground. Then I yelled, "Now back off or I'll kick the sh*t out of all of you!" St. Peter was impressed ..."When did this happen?" "Just a couple minutes ago..." tongue
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Amy Barrett
Amy Barrett

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PostSubject: Re: Wanna Hear a Joke?? Pt 2   Mon Oct 29, 2007 1:25 am

Laughing love it

(on pregnancy tests) "What if the whole person is a false negative? Can that throw the test off?" - Munter
~Outrageous Fortune~
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Wanna Hear a Joke?? Pt 2
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